Cephei's Medical Vice Commander Application (Accepted)

Locked Cephei's Medical Vice Commander Application (Accepted)

Medical Vice Commander Application

What is your in-game / discord name:

  • 8938 Cephei / Maggie / Kaye

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/):

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001):

  • Cupcake4.2.1B@1986

What Regiment / Position are you looking to apply for:

  • Medical / Vice Commander

Why are you looking to become a Commander on Arctic Networks: 

  • Recent developments and state of the Medical regiment (as many have noticed) have been unfavourable and I'd like to help better the overall state of the regiment and the people still in it. When the regiment isn't too active and the Commander is currently on LOA, it might give a bad impression for people that might want to join but can't even get trained because there are no people to do it.

Do you have experience commanding any other regiments in the past or on other servers:

  • I have been Squad/Platoon Leading in both Arma 3 and Squad in the past, however this would be my first experience in GMod.

What is something unique you could bring to your regiment:

  • An overall fresh perspective and ability to create and maintain high-quality documents. Also a more active and engaging command (no offence to Oisthebush intended).

Imperial Medical Regiment Vice Commander 8938 Cephei
The Sith
Acolyte Kaye
Imperial Security Bureau
Warrant Officer Maggie
=/\= Arcana intellego =/\=

+1/-1 good application, none taken btw. You spend more time on isb then on medic from what I have heard. You would need to spend more time on the medic role if you get vcmdr. There are somethings that are wrong in the application such as no one being able to train because Duno can. All that really needs to happen is an improvement of activity on the medic role 

+1 good application, is serious, willing to get medics on the right path, and good detail.

+1 I was abotu to say that ive never seen you before but then I see the name 'Maggie' so then I was like: I wouldn't give a shite anyways. Aslong as you don't steal my organs, its a +1


+1 a very good person in rp and in general and a good acter in rp and would give the medics better rap as well 

+1 does a good job as medic and a good application.

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+1 Great at rp and performs well as a medic. Application is great, too. Also helped me make a nursery on the ship, hopefully that counts for something.


Your application has been accepted for the position of Medical Vice Commander, we will contact you with more information on discord.

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