Kieron Gamemaster Application (Accepted)

Locked Kieron Gamemaster Application (Accepted)

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What is your in-game / discord name: my discord is  Kieron#5234 and my ingame name is Kieron and my steam name is kieron

What is your SteamID64 ( 76561198103351780 and here a link to my profile

What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001): Kieron#5234 

Why are you looking to become a Gamemaster on Arctic Networks:  i want to help the server  and also help to make it fun and to take pressure off of people but also to help make the server more fun and to help out

Do you have any experience being a Gamemaster (Please list Server Name & Your Position): no i never beeen it before  as  i never realy Thought about it but i love to give it a go

Why should we accept you over other applicants: beacuse i can be a hard working person even thow i have work 3 to 4 days a week doing 8 to 8 12 hour shift i always find days to come on and help make  thing fun for people and lend a helping hand to those who need it i am also a Very nice and kind person and always happy to help people

Do you have any previous experience with ULX & GmodAdminSuite: no but i love to be shown how to use it

Is there anything else you would like to add (Other Experience, Previous Work): some of the days in the week i wont be on as i work 12 hour shift to 3 to 4 days a week at my local Hospital as a porter but when i am on i always try and  have fun and help others


Sorry for the late reply,
Your application for the position of Trial Gamemaster has been accepted and we will contact you on discord with more information.

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