Zlat's Staff Application (On Hold)

Locked Zlat's Staff Application (On Hold)

Staff Application

What is your in-game / discord name:

Zlat / Zlat 

What is your SteamID64 (https://steamid.io/):


What is your discord tag (E.g Example#0001):


Why are you looking to become a staff member on Arctic Networks:

Before coming to this server I had taken a few months of break from Garry's Mod. I just had a rush to come back to the game and thought to myself which server I should choose. One of my first servers in which my name grew big (way back in 2016), was a server like this one - small playerbase, but very fun and well made. When joining from beginning to end I had a wonderful time, most of the people are cool and fun to play with and no less should be said about the owner.  Great and dedicated man, love his work and what he is doing. Coming back to GMOD I also want to renew my staff career and feel like this server is the best place to do so. I wish to help out the server and owner to hopefully see it grow big.

Do you have any experience being a Staff Member (Please list Server Name & Your Position):

NOTE: Before I begin, I wish to mention I have over 7 years of experience in multiplayer GMOD, over 6100 hours, and through that time I have taken up a lot of positions, meaning there is a high chance I might miss a few of my staff experiences and possibly even get a name or two wrong. I will even go ahead and put in some of my MC and ArmA 3 staff experience.

1. DarkRP - 1.1. PixelGaming (Moderator), 1.2. Mesagaming (Senir Moderator)

2. SWRP - 2.1. Gonk (Admin, Head GameMaster), 2.2. MachoRP (Moderator), 2.3. Icefuse (Trial-Moderator)

3. MRP - 3.1. Mesagaming (Senior Moderator), 3.2. RealityRoleplay (Moderator)

4. PrisonRP - 4.1 PixelGaming (Senior Moderator)

5. MexicanBorderRP - 5.1 JellyGaming ( Moderator)

6. ArmA 3 - 6.1. Imperial Black Legion (Recruitment Staff (I still hold the position))

7. Minecraft - 7.1. GoodSoonYa (Staff Manager), 7.2. AW (Admin), 7.3. SaZaM (Co-Owner, Staff Manager), 7.4. GhostMC (Chat helper)

Why should we accept you over other applicants:

1. I have a ton of experience as a staff member and in GMOD in general.

2. I am able to be very active with daily minimum playtime of 2-3 hours.

3.  I have common sense, know all the rules, have read them many times.

4. I would consider myself quite smart (or at least smart enough to beat everyone who I've challenged to a chess battle on the server :) ).

5. I love helping out people, I've loved it even before I ever became staff for the first time to help people out in GMOD and am kind.

6. I am serious in my work, I am not a minge and have strong dedication on any roles I take on like this one.

Do you have any previous experience with ULX & GmodAdminSuite:

Yes, I have a great deal of experience with ULX, but not so much with GmodAdminSuite. I know pretty much all ULX commands and how to use it.

Is there anything else you would like to add (Other Experience, Previous Work):

Negative, I am finished. Thank you for taking your time to read my applications!

Sorry but this application will be placed on hold for the next 1-2 weeks as we need more time to come up with a final decision on your application. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconveniance.

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